Certification of General AEO

Published: March, 25th, 2021

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We are officially issued a certification of General AEO by the Government. It is such an honor because only the qualified supplier can apply successfully. According to the government regulations, "Authorized Economic Operator” (AEO) refers to the economic operator in the supply chain certified by the Customs." To get this certificate, a company has to fulfill the requirements as following:

1. have been engaging in business for more than three years, with an average annual import/export performance of no less than USD 1 million in the most recent three years;
2. have no confirmed arrears with regard to duties, taxes, and other charges or fines; has submitted commensurate security for the imposed but unconfirmed duties, taxes, and other charges or fines, except that the disciplinary government agency does not accept security;
3. have implemented the import/export procedures and financial data into a computerized system, and has kept auditing records for posterior verifications; and
4. have the capability of making online declarations, or commissioned a customs broker that has the capability of making online declarations.

In order to satisfy our customers' demands, we applied this certification. Finally, we obtain the certification of General AEO and are glad to be acclaimed as an excellent trader. We will continue providing excellent and trustworthy services to our clients.

About MacMic Science & Technology Co., Ltd.:

MacMic Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company consisting of scientists and engineers with expertise of power electronics and long term engaged in development and production of power electronic products at home and abroad. The goal of the company is to provide customers with energy-efficient power electronic products as well as to provide solutions to power electronic applications.


About Efficient International Technology Co., Ltd.:

Efficient International Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional semiconductor device and solution supplier and consultant team. Efficient promote, market, and distribute high quality, high efficiency power semiconductor to serve Taiwan and international customers. Efficient provide services to the customers in the market of general power conversion, motor control, lighting, industrial, renewable energy, and other energy efficient applications. Efficient is also on behalf of MacMic to operate as MacMic International Business Development Office.


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